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Job Search Class Attendee Testimonials

"In two weeks, I attended the JS101 resume writing, Job Search Work Team and LinkedIn basic training seminars at Leisure Learning. In the job search work team I relayed to the class that I was interested in transitioning from an accounting analyst role into a writing position. A fellow team member mentioned a young lady that attended these seminars and she transitioned from teaching into technical writing. He contacted his colleagues and forwarded me the young lady's contact information. As a result, I've connected with the technical writer on LinkedIn and received e-mails with an invitation to attend a technical writing lunch. After updating my resume and cover letter per the resume writing seminar and LinkedIn basic training I immediately received an e-mail from a recruiter with a job prospect. I responded with my resume and the recruiter called me and asked if he could submit my resume to the client the same day. After giving him approval he asked me if he could meet me in person for a face-to-face meeting this week." Thank you JS101 and thank you seminar instructors!"

- Ty R.

"I have no words to describe how JS 101 has helped me in my job search journey. Initially, I hesitated about the idea of once more going over resume writing and interview preparation. I had already done that in college and I felt I knew all about it. I was wrong. There were an infinite number of skills I still needed to learn. In addition to great instruction, I found a support group (the Job Search Team) that allowed me to continue even when I felt discouraged and hopeless. It was ironic because friends and family, the people you usually count on for support, were not able to understand. I discovered that no one is better equipped help you cope with the feelings of being in transition than people in the same situation. I feel I have been given a very valuable set of tools at this place. If I ever end up in a job transition again, I would know exactly what to do and who to turn to. All my appreciation goes to our excellent coaches and my cohort class."

-Rosie R.

I have been going to the JS 101 and 102 classes over the past 1 and 1/2 years. I find them very helpful and encouraging. The instructors are excellent and have a superb knowledge of the job market and job searching strategies. They also go out their way to personalize each lesson based upon job seekers' specific needs.

The advanced Linked-In classes are also very good. Debbie Langford is very through and organized. She has very good handouts and lessons.

Please keep up the excellent work! The JS 101 organization has a very positive impact for job seekers in Houston and provides quality service and encouragement that is often hard to find elsewhere.

-Madelyne H.

Thank you so much for an incredible Dress for Success event this weekend, my first. Per Debbie's tip in the [JS101] LinkedIn class, today I made a signature for my personal email. I decided to have a forum for people to share their stories, not just with one particular organization, but for anyone who has overcome adversity. I hope to encourage others to share their successes, anonymously if they wish, in an effort to help others persevere! This is all because you invited Debbie to teach a LinkedIn Class! Please feel free to share this email with anyone you feel would enjoy knowing the difference your program makes.

-Rachel B.

If you are fortunate enough to take this informative course, you will be giving yourself a gift, as you lower the stress and anxiety of a heretofore futile effort. Through class discussions and their excellent workbook, you will be able to plan and conduct your search with new tools and a positive attitude that will restore your confidence and increase the probability of a new and successful approach that can then lead you to your rightful position.

If what you have been doing has not worked or you feel like you are drowning and are tired of treading water, catch your breath and get aboard the life boat, that is Job Search 101! Bon Voyage!!

-Margery R.

The JS101 team provided me the guidance and insight that shifted my job search towards results. They embody professionalism, knowledge and experience. In my view, they are a 'world class' team.

-Kathleen A.

JS 101 conducted the best resume writing and interview preparation course I have ever attended. Their professionalism, knowledge and honesty was like no other class I have taken before. The quality resume I walked away with is evidence of their skill and I am confident in my ability to obtain employment. 

-Tammy T.

The JS101 class helped me focus on my future goals and determine what they were.  With that, I was able to understand and complete a much better resume for what I'm looking for now and also a resume that I will need in the future for accomplishing my goals.  It raised my confidence tremendously! 

I have no doubt that I'll get the job I want now - and in the future.

-Carol D.

Coming into the class I felt afraid and discouraged, feeling forced to change careers because of an injury after 30 years in the field.   In taking this class, I've been given so many tools and am now excited to go out and interview and land my new job!

-Pamela S.

Good news, I have been re-hired by another division of my previous employer! Thanks to the interviewing techniques we went over in class I was relaxed and confident during the interview! The networking techniques will also prove useful as I meet new colleagues and customers. Thank you so much to JS101 Instructors for their help and wisdom during the August classes! I definitely hope you continue teaching this valuable series!

-Taylor A.

I just got an offer this morning from a major oil company! It was at the salary that I wanted and so, thankfully no haggling was needed. I accepted it a few minutes ago. I will be an IT Project Manager for the company. I am thrilled! I will start within the next 2 weeks! Thank you a hundred times over for all the help that you all gave to me. I learned so much from each of you and your classes helped to keep me optimistic and positive during my search. I will sing the praises of JS101 to everyone that I know.

-Pam B.

Just wanted to let y'all know I interviewed last Thursday and received the job offer yesterday! I was laid off in 2010 so you can imagine my excitement. My interview experience was much different than in the past - as a result of the class. I was well prepared - with my 30 second "tell me about yourself" speech - and more relaxed. I was more myself and actually enjoyed the interview! I interviewed at another company the week before and had the same experience. I am telling everyone I know about JS101. Thank y'all so much!

-Randa W.

"Honestly-I didn't expect to get as much out of this class as I did. Thank you."

-Carla P.