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Online Resources

Resume Checklist

Use this job hunting tips checklist to ensure that your resume is as good as it can be:

Does the summary tell three things:

  1. Type of position you are seeking
  2. What specifically qualifies you for the job
  3. Contributions you have made in your field in general

Is it targeted to the position? In other words, does your resume clearly show how you meet the needs of the organization/position?

Do your accomplishments:

     Show problem, action and result (PAR)?
     Start with a past tense action verb?
     Convey your skills clearly and concisely?
     Leave any room for the reader to ask, "So what?" If so, this should be answered clearly for the reader.

Is everything in the Summary supported by at least one accomplishment somewhere on your resume?

Is your resume no more than two pages?

Is it easily understood? For instance, check for complicated sentence structures, jargon/slang and acronyms.

Are there any personal pronouns (I, me, we, they etc.)? If so, remove them.

Are there any missplled words or typos? Correct them! This seems very small, but unfortunately it can automatically disqualify a resume